Every dish on the menu tells the unique story of the Vasquez Family and their first restaurant Poncho’s, which opened in South Phoenix in 1972, showcasing the family’s signature, time-tested recipes for authentic Sonoran-style Mexican Food. Heirloom recipes perfected at home, with Abuela – Isabel Vasquez – lovingly preparing all of the family’s favorites in her small kitchen, as her nietos waited patiently nearby to taste and share.

Slow-cooked meats, delicate sauces, fresh chili peppers, seasonal vegetables and homemade salsas wrapped in warm handmade tortillas proved a hit from the very beginning. There is no substitute for the family recipes’ delicate flavors and aromas.

In 1986, Isabel and her husband Eusevio’s son George and his wife Mary opened the first Someburros, quickly gaining a loyal clientele of diners who, generation after generation, returned again and again craving the restaurant’s signature dishes and warm atmosphere.

More recently George and Mary’s children – Tim, Amy and Jennilyn – have since taken over the daily operations of Someburros. Even young grandson Cody Vasquez has become skilled at whipping up the family’s inspired cuisine on his own, continuing to set the tone for younger generations to experience Someburros’ made-from-scratch specialties.

Now with multiple locations in Arizona, there are more opportunities than ever to experience the warmth and time-honored traditions of the Vasquez family.

Whether for a casual, healthy and delicious meal with your family or loved ones, or to simply hang out with friends while enjoying an ice-cold cerveza or fresh-made margarita, we look forward to seeing you soon!